Tips to Be Secure While Shopping Online

Online shopping presents a lot of advantages to those who love to shop. However, with all the scams that one comes across online it would be very important for you to ensure that your financial information is safe and secure. There are a lot of risks associated with shopping online with scams, hackers and identity thefts. However, if you follow the Martins money tips that have been discussed here it would be possible for you to avoid these pitfalls and enjoy your shopping experience better.

4 Martins Money Tips for Secure Online Shopping

1. Check Online Security Features on Websites

One of the best Martins money tips is to check for security features on the websites where you are shopping. Do not purchase anything from a website where you cannot find a phone number for assistance. Only shop from trusted sites and check for “https” in the URL bar. This indicates that the web page must be secure. Also look for the padlock image and endorsement from third parties like McAfee and Verisign. All of these steps will ensure that the website that you are shopping on in secure.

2. Update Your Browser

Ensure that your browser is updated. If you receive cues for downloading an update for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser that you may be using then you must not ignore it. These security updates will protect you whenever you are shopping online. It will only take a minute to download these updates.

3. Avoid Public Computers

A very important point to remember is to avoid the public computers for online shopping. Avoid the internet cafes, libraries or any other public place where others would have access to the same computer. You will not be able to know if the network is secure and the computers may be set up to remember the login details automatically. If you are not too careful the person sitting down next on that computer may be able to access your account.

4. Do Not Enter the Social Security Number on Any Website

There is no reason why a shopping website would require your social security number. In any case, if you are asked for it do not enter your number online since it would be a scam. Leave the website immediately or at least try to find out why they want your social security number. In most cases identity thefts are carried out when someone gets hold of your SSN. This would make it very easy for them to get access to all of your personal information.

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