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Getting Into The Details: What Is There To Know About Lena Dunham’s Dog Lamby And The Drama

Everybody is head over heels about dogs that is why when news broke out that star Lena Dunham is finding her dog Lamby a new home, it sparked a debate between the people of the internet for a lot of reasons.

Why is there a need to rehome the pup that Dunham had for almost four years?

Find out the juicy details about it later in this article but first, who is Lena Dunham? Lena Dunham is the creator as well as the star of the hit television series, Girls. Learn more about the hit HBO series.

Beside the current issue, Dunham is also popular for another sort of controversies. Keep reading more about Lena Dunham issues.

Meet Lamby a dog that Dunham rescued almost five years ago from the BARC Shelter in New York. Discover more details about the BARC Shelter. It was stated that Dunham and Lamby were a perfect match because there was a warmth they both shared the first time they met.

Dunham had Lamby for over a few years and he even had a spot in her social media posts.

Besides drinking his own urine, Lamby was never chronicled as the bad pup with an aggressive side.

Lamby is said to be untrainable and aggressive in nature according to Dunham. In addition to that Dunham also said in social media post, click here for more details, how the pup had previous owners before who constantly abuse it.

According to BARC, Lamby’s old owners were unable to take care of him and they did not abuse him.

These are two sides of the coin that are always clashing, but Matt Beiser, Dunham’s former trainer said that she did everything in her power to take the best care of Lamby.

There are also other pet issues that Dunham is apparently entangled with. Dunham had a sphinx named Gia Maria who unfortunately died in her arms while they were on their way to the vet. Bowie is a thirteen-year-old dog that Dunham also owned and unfortunately it died due to aging.

What left many scratching their heads is how Dunham adopted two poodles which are rumored to be non-rescues, you can find out more about it here.

The people of the internet dubbed the Lena Dunham household as bad luck for pets and some say that maybe she wanted to trade Lamby for a poodle or two.

There is more to the Lamby drama than what is it, so it is best to not make any assumptions as to what is the reason behind it.

Different dogs come with different attitudes and it should be matched with the perfect owner because like any other relationship, it takes two. All that is left is to wish both parties the best, hopefully, Lamby is doing well with his new home and Dunham is working her best too.